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2008: Willcocks, L. P. and Lee, A. S., Major Currents in Information Systems (London and Los Angeles: Sage, ISBN: 9781412922623 and 1412922623).  This six-volume set consists of commissioned chapters on the following topics: information systems infrastructure; information systems development; design science theories and research practices; management of information systems; social and organizational information systems research; and information systems, globalization and developing countries.

1997: Lee, A. S., Liebenau, J., and DeGross, J., Information Systems and Qualitative Research (London and New York: Chapman & Hall, ISBN: 0-412-82360-8).  This book was published in association with Working Group 8.2 of the International Federation for Information Processing (“IFIP WG 8.2”) and consists of papers presented at the 1997 meeting of IFIP WG 8.2 in Philadelphia. It was the third in a series of meetings devoted to research methods in information systems. The preceding two meetings were held in Manchester (1984) and in Copenhagen (1990).